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jrittenhouse referenced an interesting "Survey," which actually… - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Nov. 9th, 2004 09:21 am

jrittenhouse referenced an interesting "Survey," which actually turned out to be a way to post -- using free text -- your responses to a number of one and two word questions. The resulting text does provide a good snapshot into the writer's views and where the stand in the vast political n-space.

What is your stand on.....

Created by spyndakitrose and taken 15686 times on bzoink!

Abortion?Oppose in principal, but the proper action is to limit the need to consider it.
Death Penalty?Support
Prostitution?Not moral, but a decision between consenting adults
Alcohol?If you choose
Marijuana?If you choose
Other drugs?If you choose
Gay marriage?Marriage should be between one man and one woman, as God intended and most of 4000+ yeas of tradition dictate
Illegal immigrants?There should be no restrictions on people coming here to fill jobs
Smoking?Don't like it, cannot breathe around it. Would encourage most places to separate smoking areas with isolated air supplies
Drunk driving?A form of murder, or at least assault
Cloning?Not sure.
Racism?Clearly evil
Premarital sex?Immoral
Religion?Is a good thing.
The war in Iraq?Probably justified based on reports of terrorist (not necessarily Al Queda) support. Now we need to finish the job and let a legitimate government take over
Bush?Generally support. Would like him restore most of the liberties lost in the "Patriot Act," but not expecting much (Nor would I have expected better from Kerry)
Downloading music?Would like it if I could get non DRMed music without buying the CD
The legal drinking age?18 seems reasonable. It is considered "adult" for everything else in this country
Porn?If you choose. In the long run it may be more dangerous to individuals and society then drugs or alcohol, however
Suicide?Immoral. There is always a better choice, but it may be hard to see at the time.

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Based on what I wrote here, it seems to support my claims to be some sort of a libertarian or conservative.

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