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Another job search update - RonO's Ramblings

May. 12th, 2008 02:08 pm Another job search update

The meeting last Wednesday with Microsoft went pretty well. At the very least, I was one of the people who got a second interview that day (I saw at least some people not get them) and I was given a folder with a sheet on MS benefits and their interviewing process, and a copy of the Seattle magazine to take with me.

That afternoon, I had a brief chat with a recruiter (based in Scottsdale) working on a different MS position, who thought he could at least get me a phone screening.

However, as of about 15 or 30 minutes ago (when I last checked) I hadn't heard back on these.

On Thursday, I finally talked to Qualcomm -- after not having the first scheduled call happen. This morning, first thing San Diego time, I got an invitation to come for an in person interview. I will probably be in San Diego next week (May 19, 21 or 22).

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