RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Interview update

I got back an hour or so ago from my trip to San Diego for the Qualcomm interview.

Technically, the Qualcomm interview went very well, with only a couple of minor technical glitches -- most of which are probably typical of being asked coding and design questions. On the other hand, I thought my Amazon interview in March went similarly well, but no offer came from that one. Qualcomm says I'll hear within two weeks.

Afterwards I hooked up with my friend who works for Kyocera and we had some drinks (Tea, Coke), but his boss was unable to find anyone I didn't already know to do an in-person variant phone screen. Afterwards, however, I was able to run up to his place, have dinner with his wife and 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter (who I'd met as a not-quite toddler in 2006).

Today wasn't quite as good. On my way to the airport, I wanted to stop and get some Cleritin since my allergies had been bothering me the day before. However, when I was trying to find the Grocery/Drug store the GPS had located, I was in a traffic accident -- nobody was hurt, but my car wasn't as drivable as I'd thought. So I had to call the car rental agency and it took their tow driver over an hour to get to me. I only made my flight because the flight back to Chicago was delayed an hour after the morning outbound from Chicago had been delayed over an hour.


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