RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

What a day!

Today has been almost nothing like the day that I expected when I got up.

It didn't start out much different than expected. Tara and I got up and moving, and went to church. We didn't have Sunday school, and I wasn't working tech crew, so we left after service. We then stopped by qnofhrt's to pick up aeto's badge printer. After that we went to Stir Crazy for lunch. Our next planned stop was at the movie theater across the parking lot for the 2:20 showing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, but it wasn't quite 12:30, so we wandered around a nearby Target for an hour or so.

By the time we left Target, it was pouring rain, but by the time we got back across to the movie theater, the rain had mostly stopped. We went in and enjoyed the movie. After the movie is when things started to go off plan.

I was trying to make a right turn out of the entrance road for the movie theater -- the AMC Cantera 30 in Warrenville for those who know it -- when Tara stopped me because a car was flying around the curve. I stopped and was prompted run into. This makes the third rear end collision to my 10 month old car this year! Having been through this before, I decided to call the police and file a report to make sure that everything was on record. Of course this took time, and with no obvious damage, might have not been worth it. Except while we were waiting for the police, Tara's leg began to bother her.

After we got the report, and while the police officer was talking to the other driver about how he'd lied about having a passenger, I managed to finally convince Tara that we should stop by her hospital just in case. We got there about 5:30, about 45 minutes after the accident, and were shown fairly quickly to a room. There, we sat for quite a while waiting for the doctor. Fortunately, the triage nurse had given her some ibuprofen so she was starting to feel better. The doctor ordered x-rays for her neck which started bothering her about the time we got to the hospital (mine started getting stiff, but I didn't bother going back and getting myself admitted to so we could wait longer).

At one point one of the ER nurses came in to make sure Tara had been given some ibuprofen. After a moment I realized that I knew her, and waived. It also took her a minute to notice, and then she said hi. This startled Tara a bit since it is unusual for me to know someone at her hospital that she doesn't. But in this case, I knew her from Karate. In fact this was the person who had unexpectedly -- to both of us -- successfully executed an axe kick to my head three or four weeks ago during a noon sparing class. The kick was unexpected since she is at least a foot shorter than I am, and it is hard to kick the level of your own head.

Tara was finally discharged about 7:00. We went out and as we were waiting for the valet to bring my car around, a woman waiting there asked if we could take her to Wheaton. After initially hesitating, we decided we could. She had just suffered a miscarriage after about six weeks, and had been left at the hospital where her boy friend -- it came out "ex-boyfriend" more than once -- had decided to go to his play rehearsal instead of staying with her. In addition to transportation, we were able to be good listeners, and Tara gave her our number in case she wanted to talk more. It appears to me that this was a case of God's provision, since we were available to provide for her in her time of need only because we were inconvenienced by a traffic accident.

After that, we got dinner on the way home ending a long and a bit odd afternoon.


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