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I have a habit, and I'm not sure if it is always good or bad, or planing for certain things in advance. For example, I did a preliminary itinerary for our trip to Colorado this summer (which is, as you may guess or see further down, now in flux) back in November and December. Much of this planning goes on in my head, but occasionally gets backed up with data or written down.

First would be my plans for next week. On the non-zero chance that either Intel or Microsoft would want to interview before I'd have to give Qualcomm an answer, I'd try to set up for a Monday or possibly Tuesday interview. If both wanted to talk, I'd have to see about getting one on Monday and one on Wednesday and then having the second company fly me from the location of the first interview. I'm already off all next week, so it won't effect my vacation should I choose to take none of the offers.

The second plan assumes that I accept a job with Qualcomm, or possibly Intel -- a job with Microsoft might not work for these plans quite as well. In this case, I'd look at either two options. If I could delay my start date until mid-August, I would stay at Motorola until just before my planed vacation date, then we would basically take our trip (possibly cutting a few days in the mountains out to give us some extra packing days here). But after Worldcon, instead of heading back here, we'd head down to Albuquerque and possibly on to San Diego (visiting another National Park along the way). The variant would be to start in mid-July (giving Motorola less notice rather than more) and work remotely until the time we'd be leaving.

Of course, either plan is based on very optimistic assumptions, and as someone said, "No plans survives contact with the enemy."


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