RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Are my tired eyes and distracted brain trying to tell me something?

I am currently printing badges for DucKon, so while the windows computer is busy doing that (and keeping me up later than I should since I'll probably have to get up earlier in the morning than I might otherwise on a kidless day off), I've been looking at stuff on the Linux box via the KVM switch.

Just now I flipped back and started looking at what was on the screen. The first paragraph I looked at read "We think Qualcomm is everyone's best option..." Now after a moment, I remembered that I had been reading an article from The San Diego Union-Tribune about how to deal with the traffic generated from the U.S. Open this week, and was referring to Qualcomm Stadium, not the company.

But, I'll admit for a moment, I was wondering if someone was sending me signals.

(Just in case you miss the reference, go back and read this entry).


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