RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Waiting, and other updates

In preparation for DucKon, and to use up vacation (decided on the assumption at the beginning of the year that I would be staying put, even though that quickly changed) I've been off this week. However, I haven't been able to enjoy it like I'd like to. Instead, I've spent most of yesterday and today waiting to hear when Microsoft would schedule my interview.

Finally, I got the call from the scheduler, who wanted me to give her 5 days at least 5 days from now -- even though the recruiter has known since last week that I have a pending offer, and has asked them to expedite the process. I confirmed that I had an offer pending, and gave her Thursday, next Monday and then Friday as my only available days. The scheduler read my reply at 5:41 this afternoon (according to the read receipt I asked for in my e-mail). I waited longer, until 8:00 our time (6:00 in Seattle), and still haven't gotten any response. Now, I've got to wait some more tomorrow since I doubt that there will be any action until they get into the office at 8 or 9 their time.

At this point I not sure if this is a sign that they aren't as interested as the recruiter made me think that they were, a sign that I should take or wont' get this job, or just a test of my patience.

In other, related, news: I had a talk this morning with a manager in another team at Mot that would be interested in having me join them. It would be a mostly development role which is what I'm looking for, and would preserve my seniority and keep me available to help my current group (both teams are part of the same division). Part of it is appealing, but it doesn't address my concerns about whether Motorola will survive or not; and won't address any of my problems with the company Motorola has become -- not that Microsoft or Qualcomm won't also be companies with problems.


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