RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Self Driven Cars

In a posting on slashdot, the author references a study on self-driving cars, and ends with the question "will you accept to be driven by your car?"

For me the answer is a fairly clear "yes." I don't mind driving, but if I could replace the time I spend driving with time spent doing other things, such as napping, checking e-mail or reading (although I've managed to find a way to do that by using audio books), I think I'd be more productive. I'd also be less stressed out.

Unfortunately, I want to live in the suburbs. I do not like living with the urban crowds, noise, pollution, etc. I want some space between me and my neighbors and a yard to enjoy rather than a park to share. I also would feel more politically isolated in most big cities than I do in the suburban areas -- even those that are technically part of the city. I also work in the suburbs, so there is no practical public transportation option for me.

So I guess I'll just have to wait for all of the technical, sociological and political facets preventing automated, personally owned, point to point transport to become the reality.


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