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San Diego

Tara and I went to San Diego this last weekend to do some house hunting.

Our trip started about 12:30 on Friday with a side trip to Elgin where we got fingerprinted as part of the adoption proceedings. After that we headed to the airport parking lot -- guided by the GPS which sent us on I-90 to I-294 then off at Irving Park to the parking lot (which off of Mannheim South of Irving Park). We got from their to the airport quickly and then through security. We got lunch and went to our nearby gate to wait to board.

I knew that we had exit row seats, and was a bit confused when monitors were showing that our section began the row in front of ours (our seats were 9A and 9B, and the economy plus section began at row 8, with the wing exits much further back). When I got on board my confusing was cleared. The flight was on a 757 which United was loading at the second door, and my seat was right behind the door. So, we had plenty of leg room, but no place to put our bags except in the overhead bins. This might not have been bad, but the bin over our row was already full (probably mostly with the two reasonable sized bags carried by the third person in our row) when I boarded with the first group (premier frequent flier thanks to flying to BLR last year). By the time Tara got aboard, I had to move someone's coat to put her purse on top of my bag.

This flight was nice, but a bit delayed due to weather that stopped all south and southwest bound flights about the time of departure.

We arrived in San Diego about 6:30, and were on the road by about 7:00. We stopped at the Rubio's in Kerney Mesa for fish tacos and then headed to our hotel.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast and a visit to the ATM, we got the keys to our UPS store mailbox. I was amused to notice that the center where I went for an ATM (closer to work and the hotel but further from our temporary apartment) had a UPS store, and then was more amused to find that the center with the UPS store also had a San Diego County Credit union (their ATMs are free with my Credit Union card).

After that we returned to the hotel to wait for the Realtor. She was about 45 minutes later than planned due to car troubles. But we got moving for a longish day of house hunting shortly.

The first house we looked at was OK. It was in Mira Mesa which would be not too far from work, but was in an older neighborhood and we wanted to try elsewhere.

The second house was our top choice. At the same price as the Mira Mesa house, it was about half again as big and had just about the layout we were looking for. One oddity that we could really make use of was the split garage -- a two car garage on one side and a one car garage on the other. Behind this house is the San Louis Ray river (protected by a flood berm with a bike trail on top and a concrete lined ditch) and then the Oceanside Municipal Airport -- a general aviation facility.

The third house cost about the same, and was nearby. It was the only one we took completely off the list. It was in very bad shape, and would have needed work to be livable.

We saw two other houses that we would consider. One was staged for an open house, and the other was new construction (and the same floor plan may become an alternative if necessary).

The only other memorable house was the last one we looked at. It was in an older part of Oceanside, similar to the Mira Mesa neighborhood. It was the only one with a pool, but the equipment looked like it was on its last legs. It was also the least expensive, but was not in great shape despite the work done by the sellers recently. As we were debating it, we heard something hard hit the house. All three of us jumped and took it as a sign that we might not be welcome in that neighborhood for some reason.

After that, we went back to the hotel, and decided to get desert with some friends. So Tara and I headed to Rancho Bernardo to a Coco's I remember eating at a lot when I lived there 10 years ago. Not thinking about the population demographics of RB, I was surprised to find it that busy on a Saturday evening. {A bit of explanation: Coco's is a chain somewhat akin to Bakers Square, which often aren't as busy on weekends as places like Friday's. However, Rancho Bernardo started out as an 50+ community, so has a population that is more likely to eat out at a place like that}.

After that we had desert at the RB Claim Jumpers with our friends and headed back to the hotel to crash.

On Sunday we got up for breakfast, opening up the buffet at the hotel. After breakfast and finishing packing, we left to kill time before our flight.

Due to some poor memory as to which roads led were, we ended up at Torrey Pines State Reserve, which was probably as, if not more, enjoyable then the La Jolla shores area I was heading for. The only drawback was our shoes which were chosen to get through security, not for walking on sandy hills.

We then headed for the airport (which would have been more enjoyable if I'd either headed straight there, or hadn't gotten lost in my attempt to drive down the coast. We checked in and then headed through security. Security was sped up by my frequent flier card, but not by the "black diamond" lane that wasn't open. We then ate what we could beyond security. (In 10 years the choice in that terminal beyond security has improved from a Taco Bell where I could only eat chips and drinks, to a place with overpriced, dry sandwiches, and good fruit cups. I probably should have passed on the sandwich since it wasn't that good for the price.

Our flight home was delayed by a ground stop into O'Hare, but went quickly and smoothly after that. We got home later than we would have liked, but had a good trip.


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