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No longer a Motorolan

As of about 11:35 this morning, I can no longer claim to be a Motorolan. At that point, I turned in my badge, computer and credit cards to our Admin (since my boss is on vacation and the other member of his staff is in training, and since she has often done this before), and left carrying the last box of stuff from my cube.

I don't recall it feeling this way when I left in 1997, or when I left Sony in 1999, but I'm feeling more depressed than happy at the moment. Of course, we have a fair amount of concerns -- hopefully the adoption will be final on Monday, and we have only had a couple of showings of the house {Hey, if you know anyone who'd like a house in Bartlett, I've got an MLS number to show them} -- which may be contributing. I ran out of 5-HTP last week, which may also be contributing.

But life moves on, and a week from yesterday we get on the road to San Diego by way of Denver and Devention.

For my friends in the Chicago area, I hope to be seeing you all again fairly soon -- next year at DucKon if not before. And we are still here for a few more days.


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