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The last week has been a bit busy. Work is going pretty well, although my reward for easily fixing two CRs in my first week is to be assigned a much more complicated one -- but I should have a much better idea how the application works inside once I've fixed it.

Our cat came home on Wednesday evening, and has been making himself quite comfortable in our new arrangements. He is sleeping in the bedroom with us, and is enjoying it. Tara isn't as much, since he likes to wake her up at night to get attention -- and she keeps rewarding him even if it is to scold him or kick him off the bed.

We still haven't sold the house in Bartlett, and are probably going to have to replace our Realtor -- which is unfortunate since he is the brother of a good friend. We are about to run out of our temporary housing and will have to find something that we can afford to rent unless something miraculous occurs in the next few days.

I'll post more when I have more energy and time.


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