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RonO's Ramblings

Nov. 23rd, 2004 08:45 am My Amazon Meme

There seems to be a tradition on Live Journal when one or two of your friends do something interesting, its worth copying. So, following on the works of jrittenhouse, shsilver and ericcoleman here is my Amazon Meme

Post the first 15 personalized recommendations from your Amazon recommendations list (your "store") for items you don't already own:

1 - Red Dwarf: Smeg Outs (VHS). I have all but one of the Red Dwarf episode videos on VHS, but I don't know if I'm that interested in the bloopers.
2 - Red Dwarf: Smeg Ups (VHS). See item 1
3 - Cat in a Neon Nightmare (A Midnight Louie Mystery). I'll get to it eventually, I'm currently slowly working through "L" (Lepord Print). Most of the slow down is that I seem to only get a chance to read about 1 chapter a week these days. (Yes, I read mysteries as well as SF and Fantasy; I come from mixed parentage -- my Mom reads mysteries and my Dad reads SF)
4 - The New Glucose Revolution Pocket Guide to the Top 100 Low-Glycemic Foods. I ordered a couple of the books related to the Glycemic index. Now I've just got to put this into practice. I don't think I'm buying any more. The information I need is pretty much in the books I already have.
5 - Basic Effects & Processors. At this point I'm mixing for monitors and recordings about once a month, I don't think I need to learn about Effects and Processors yet.
6 - Red Dwarf - Series 3 & 4 (DVD). Have it on VHS, don't see a need for DVD (nor would Tara let me buy it on one format when I have it on another)
7 - The Beggar Queen (Yearling Books (Paperback)). I ordered and reread the Prydain chronicles a year or two ago. I enjoyed them on the reread, but I don't think I'm going to be buying more of Lloyd Alexander's young adult fiction with all of the other fiction I want to read and am not getting around to.
8 - The Prydain Companion: A Reference Guide to Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles. I didn't find the Prydain Chronicles a series that I needed a "companion" to understand or enjoy.
9 - The Dark Is Rising Sequence: Silver on the Tree/The Grey King/Greenwitch/The Dark Is Rising/Over Sea, Under Stone [BOX SET]. More young adult fantasy I'll probably never get around to reading.
10 - Westmark. See 7 above
11 - The Kestrel. See 7 and 10 above
12 - PHP Cookbook. I'm not doing much PHP right now, and I don't know if I'd want to code out of a cookbook anyway.
13 - Basic Microphones. I'm not buying microphones, and I pretty much know how to set them up, so I don't think I'd be interested.
14 - The Good Carb Cookbook: Secrets of Eating Low on the Glycemic Index. Maybe, but first we have to get in the habit of planing stuff out and watching what we buy.
15 - Basic Mastering. I mix live audio for recordings, which is a bit different than Mastering.

Out of 15 suggestions from Amazon, I'd be only likely to really buy one and maybe a second. I think I need to update how Amazon makes my recommendations.

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