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More Updates

I've been lax in updating again. I have a bunch of musings and updates. So, I'm going to get started.

Last week we finally finalized the adoption! The final court appearance went very smoothly. At the end, the judge told us that both his mother and his paternal grandmother were adopted, so he very much likes dealing with them.

After court we got lunch and stopped by the house briefly. Tara stopped by Derrick's old school to pick up a refund on his school lunch program. We then returned to Rockford.

On Friday I had made arrangements to meet with the repair people on our washer. We had to be there at 8:00, and after getting a slightly more rushed breakfast than I'd have liked, we got there just on time. It didn't take long, however, to learn that the repair person didn't have the part that we thought had been ordered. We lucked out, however, and the insurance people finally totaled the old unit out.

We then ran over to Home Depot and bought a new washer. However, I had to bring it home myself, which required renting their truck and buying a hand truck.

After that we met with one of the two new Realtors that the relocation company hooked us up with. We then headed back to Rockford. On the way back we got a call from two other Realtors and were finally able to make an appointment with one of them, but for the next morning.

On Saturday we headed to Bartlett for the third time in as many days and met with the second Realtor. After that, we headed back to Rockford for a gathering with Tara's family.

On Sunday, we flew back. The flight would have been OK, except we had to change planes and airlines in Phoenix. United flies into Terminal 2 -- which is the oldest and least well kept of the three. We had to take a bus, outside of security, over the terminal 4 to fly out on US Airways. Terminal 4 is much newer and nicer.

Over the last four weeks, we've been to four different churches. However, we think we've found the one that we'll regularly attend (at least if we end up living in Oceanside as we plan).

The first church is a fairly new start up church that meets in an elementary school near where we are staying. The next week we attended a church that has several gathering all over San Diego County. The UTC location meets at a movie theater, which was a bit odd for church. There also was a bit of a lack of spirit connection in both of these churches.

Two weeks ago, we went up to Oceanside to the church we are probably going to join. Although there was a guest speaker, talking on Proposition 8, we felt that it was a good church.

Last week, we went to church on Saturday with Tara's parents. They have changed churches to a growing mega church in Rockford. While the music part of the service was good (even if it did start with the worship team doing a bunch of 1970's music -- which fed into the topic), but the sermon was very light on real teaching.

I did, however, observe some interesting tech features in the last two churches. The Oceanside church uses remote controlled cameras instead of cameras with operators. The Rockford church has a lot of high tech equipment -- moving lights etc.


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