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Quick Conjecture Report

This weekend, we attended our first Conjecture. This was also my first San Diego area convention in over nine years. Overall, this was a very enjoyable little (at least compared to what we're used to in the Chicago area) convention.

Also for the only the second time in quite a few years, we commuted to the convention. This was done to save money and because we weren't sure where we would be at the time of the con. It also helped in both accounts because we didn't have to worry about the dog as much.

We headed down to the con after work and school on Friday. With the traffic, we went the slightly longer way down (I-805 to CA-163 to I-8), figuring -- probably correctly -- that the traffic on I-5 would have been worse. We found the hotel, but decided to get food first and headed over to Fashion Valley for some food, and then took a wrong turn leaving the mall so we ended up nearly to Sea World before finding our way back to Hotel Circle. Once we got there, we got our badges quickly -- only marred when I misspelled Derrick's badge name (I told the person it should be "Ang" not "Aang"). After that, we decided that there was no programming left that night we wanted to go to, and found our way to the con suite. We sat around the con suite for a while and then headed back home.

On Saturday, we got a bit of a later start than would have maybe been optimal, so we got there a bit after the 10:00 panels had started. So we again headed to the Con Suite and nibbled and talked for a while. At 11:30, I headed to a panel on Costuming disasters, while Tara went to a panel on Human Invented Human Organs. I contributed more than I expected to the panel. After that, we both attended a panel on Steam Punk costuming from your closet. Unfortunately, it was aimed more at a costumer's closet than someone who hasn't had the time or energy to do as much costuming as they might.

I'll admit going to not one but two costuming panels seems a bit strange for someone who has mostly worn his day to day clothing at cons, or occasionally some ren fair/SCA garb. {I did wear a trench coat, tie and fedora to Capricon last year, but that was to the DucKon party to fit in with the Maltese DucKon theme}. But I've wanted to do more hall costuming, just haven't figured out what to do and how to do it. Steam Punk sounds like something I could do, but it will still take some investment of time and money.

After that, we hit up the con suite for a while, and then Tara went to a panel on "Out of our parent's basement." I would have gone, but it more than 20 minutes into it by the time I got done with the bathroom and some other distractions. So, Derrick and I hung around talking to people in the lobby near the fan tables. I would have considered getting memberships to both Loscon and FiestaCon, except with Tara still looking for a job, we don't know if she'll be working on either of these holiday weekends.

I would have loved to stay for the masquerade and parties, but we had to get Derrick home and to bed, as well as walking the dog.

On Sunday, we also got moving too late to hit up any 10:00 panels. We did go to the 11:30 panel on Fannish Collecting -- which Tara threatened to crash since it was her suggestion in the first place, but didn't, even when the panel invited her to join. Afterwords we went to the Christian Fan's "Meetup." For a convention the size of Conjecture, we had a very good turn out for this, and had an enjoyable conversation for nearly the whole ninety minutes.

After that, Tara went to a panel on Anime and Manga 101 -- which she found more informative than the similar panel at Denvention. Derrick and I again hung out and finally ended up in the gaming room where we played the train building game from Rio Grande Games. Derrick didn't do too well at the first round, but got better after the gaming room supervisor helped him for the next two rounds, but lost in the end by not nearly as much as he might have, having done pretty well on his own in the last round.

We decided to pass up the feedback ("Hiss and Purr") session, and headed home.

We enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. We really liked the programming that nolly put together -- considering that the convention was half the size, it was as good, varied and packed as most of the last several DucKon's, except in smaller scale. We are looking forward to coming back, and to ConDor next February and March. With luck, at least once we get settled, we'll also be able to hook up with some of San Diego's fannish community for other activities.

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