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This morning robot_grrl and I signed a lease for a house in Oceanside. This is house number 3 from the search on Saturday. For better or worse, this is a one year lease, and it looks like we are on the hook for the full year -- except for the first 9 days of next October. This means that we'll probably have to let the houses we've been looking at go -- unless they are still on the market in another 10 or so months so that we can close sometime in August or September (whichever is the one that will result in our first mortgage payment being in October).

Tara has been there and reports a couple of problems that we missed when we looked on Saturday. First, the closet in Derrick's bedroom is nearly impossible to open. She'll need to call the management company and have them fix it. Second, the closet in the master bedroom is smaller than we thought (we'd mixed it up with the closet in one of the other houses). But we should be able to make it work. Much of our clothing may end up staying packed or put into other locations.

We won't be able to use the hot tub until Monday or later, since the maintenance person won't be there to fix the heater until then. But after that we should be able to enjoy it -- while Derrick and I will, since Tara isn't a big hot tub person.

We have the movers scheduled to show up on Saturday. Hopefully they won't want to be there at 7:00 since we'll probably spend the night here -- 30 minutes away. But I won't know the scheduling until sometime tomorrow.

We'll also be without TV or internet for a while. The TV is getting installed a week from this coming Tuesday. If I can find something resembling an external antenna I may see if I can get anything in on the TV's, but I'm not hopeful. We only have a date for the copper install on the Internet, but that is next Monday, so the actual DSL install should be soon afterward. TV and Internet are from the same providers as I had in Bartlett -- I may even get my IP addresses back which will make some set up easy. I'll just have to remember how to point the domain records back -- and probably fix the MX records -- so that the domain is again properly routed.

After we move, my days will get a bit longer since the optimal commute has me catching a train at 7:15 or so (to catch another train and then a shuttle, getting me to the office about 8:30 instead of 8:00), and then getting off the train (after taking a shuttle to another train) about 5:45. For the next few months -- at least until the temporary mail box expires, or I've changed most of the addresses over -- I'll probably be driving 2 days a week. The drive will be a bit worse than the drive from Bartlett to Arlington Heights since I'll be with traffic all of the way. On days when Tara has to be at work before 8:30 and won't be able to drop Derrick off at school, I may end up driving to the second train instead.

At least on the days I'm doing the two train commute -- the trains in question are The Sprinter and The Coaster -- I should be able to ride my bike. It may take me a bit to get into shape for that, however, and I'll have to see how traffic and bike storage at the train station are -- unless I want to put my bike on two trains and a shuttle van just to store it in my office -- before I completely commit to that option.

Since we live down a decent hill from the nearest intersection, and the route out to the feeder road with the bike lane, and then up a hill from there to the train station, I'll have hill climbing to do both ways. I've never been that good at climbing hills on bikes -- when I was at UNM, I'd often walk the bike up the one steep hill I had to climb -- and my recent experience riding has been mostly around Bartlett which is fairly flat. However, my current bike is an 18-speed and I've been able to do more shifting on it than on my old 12-speed. So I'll probably be able to do it.

Overall, things are starting to feel a bit more settled. We'd still like to get the house sold and Tara hasn't officially been offered the job, so we're not 100% settled, but its getting close.

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