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Dilemma - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Nov. 13th, 2008 08:05 am Dilemma

I have a minor dilemma that I am working through.

In September my Moto Razer disappeared -- I had broken the belt clip on its case and had been carrying it in my pocket when it fell out. At the time I got the cheapest replacement I could (a Samsung "Chocolate") knowing that after I'd been at Qualcomm for 3 months I could take advantage of a company benefit to get a significant reimbursement on a new phone, provided it has a Qualcomm chipset inside. Now that 3 months is almost up, and I'm considering getting a new phone. Which leads to my dilemma.

I want to stick with a GSM phone since we have travel plans over the next couple of years that will take us out of the country and, more importantly, out of CDMA coverage. This eliminates all Verizon, Sprint and Alltel phones (90% or more of which have Qualcomm chips) leaving me with T-Mobile and AT&T.

We currently have T-Mobile service and are quite happy with it. My sisters also have T-Mobile so calls to them are free (not that we take advantage like we should). And T-Mobile has recently released the G1, a Google/Android based phone with a Qualcomm chipset.

However, robot_grrl has expressed interest in an iPhone since it would talk very nicely with her Mac and let her sync a lot of information back and forth there. The problem is that iPhones do not have Qualcomm chips (from what I understand, not for a lack of trying on Qualcomm's part, and perhaps to the disappointment of Apple). Were it not for the Qualcomm benefit, I'd also be thinking about an iPhone for a lot of reasons.

There are a couple of Qualcomm based AT&T phones that look reasonably nice. The LG VU certainly does and could be an alternate consideration for myself.

Finally, with AT&T I can get a corporate discount honestly. Currently T-Mobile still thinks I work for Motorola and I'm in no hurry to correct that impression. However, if I do I will probably have to change plans to one that may be more expensive. I don't know if entering a new contract for one or two new phones will require that we get a new service plan or not. But sticking with T-Mobile would be much easier.

So, in the next week or few, I need to decide if I and we should:

  • Keep our current phones and service. I'm reluctant to do this if for no other reason than my current phone doesn't have blue-tooth capability so I cannot use it hands free when driving -- which is required in California
  • Get a G1 and let Tara choose something that T-Mobile offers if she wants to upgrade from her Razor at some point in time
  • Get Tara an iPhone and get me a LG VU or something else while changing to AT&T Service

In any case we will, if at all possible, keep our 630 cell phone numbers. These are well known to a number of people and having a cell phone number from across the country isn't the problem it used to be.

I've just discovered that Qualcomm now HAS a discount with T-Mobile, and discounts for the G1. That may just seal the deal and end the dilemma.

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Date:November 13th, 2008 11:11 pm (UTC)
I've been hearing really nice things about the G1.