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The audition - RonO's Ramblings

Nov. 23rd, 2008 05:04 pm The audition

Despite misgivings on both our parts, we decided to let Derrick earn his way back to trying the audition thing this afternoon. Tara had him do math problems on the way to church and after we left. So we ended up driving to Kerney Mesa and joined a huge crowd of other kids and parents who had similarly been scouted or otherwise recruited for this event.

We waited in line for about an hour. Derrick worked on memorizing his one line and Tara filled out the forms. One of the questions on the form asked if he had poor grades ("D's and F's") which we had to answer "yes" to. As I would have expected, Derrick didn't like waiting in line, and started to act up but not too badly. Generally when we told him that if he didn't listen and quit doing other problmatic things (messing up his hair, acting like a baby) we'd take him home, he would calm down and behave for quite a while.

Once we got to the "audition" he went into a room with a camera person, and a Disney Channel actor he didn't recognize. He read his line (probably more rushed than he had in his rehearsals in line), and then we waited to talk to one of the people at the place he auditioned.

Fortuantely, they didn't try to sell us anything (yet). They are a "talent development" agency and a show producer. They do offer acting and other training (which probably costs money) for anyone they desire to develop, but until they think that there is a possibility, there is no charge, or false hope given. I'm not sure if Derrick really realizes that his chances are very slim that this will turn into anything, but we've tried to tell him this.

Since we were already in Kerney Mesa, we decided to take a side trip and browse at Mysterious Galaxy (the independent SF and Mystery bookstore in San Diego) and The Games Empire practically next door. robot_grrl and I enjoyed browsing (but Tara did pick up a book) and both stores. Afterwards we headed back to Oceanside and home.

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