RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

New Job

Yes, I said new job. But, for better or for worse I didn't actually have to do anything to get this one, and it is with Qualcomm so there won't be too many changes.

A week ago Thursday, my boss (or I guess boss's boss) scheduled several of us to meet with one of the managers in another team. I've known for some time that the product I was hired to work on was being reevaluated so I figured that this was part of a plan to partially or fully redeploy the resources, and that I'd get confirmation sooner or later.

The next day a meeting was scheduled for the entire software development team. We were all being redeployed. Three of us, myself included, are being moved to the BREW Mobile Platform team. (BREW or BREW Mobile Platform is Qualcomm's Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless). Others are becoming the first part of the software team for the LTE chipsets, working on Winmobile (Windows mobile) and a couple of other teams. Officially this Wednesday is the last day for our project.

This morning I got another confirmation that I will be moving to the new team. I will be moving into a different office in the building where the majority of the BMP team is. On the positive side, my new office will be a bit closer to the drop off for the shuttle to the Coaster -- except I will have to cross the road in the middle of the block if I don't want to walk a lot further or take a different shuttle. It is also on the third floor instead of the first, which is a bit more exercise (unless I start taking the elevator). But, I loose my sliver of window since I'll have an interior office.

I'm still reasonably confident that I'm stable. At the corporate and division all hands meetings over the last couple of weeks it has been stated that Qualcomm and QCT (my division -- Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, but probably should be Qualcomm Chipset Technologies) are planning on very selective and limited reductions so that when the economy recovers, QCT is ready with the new chipsets that the phone manufacturers will be needed when they ramp production back up.


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