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Thanksgiving (and Giving Thanks) - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Nov. 27th, 2008 11:12 am Thanksgiving (and Giving Thanks)

Growing up, Thanksgiving was always a home day. We spent the day at home, eating a large turkey dinner around 4 or 5 o'clock and being lazy. For much of that time we'd watch parades in the morning, or other things instead. My mom, later with the help of various other family members, would cook. Until they passed away in 1978 and 1981 we'd have my Grandma and Grandpa in from Hawaii around that time every two or three years. This pattern lasted until I graduated college and left home. Even when she was at school or working in Colorado, my older sister would always join us.

After moving to Illinois, I spent one Thanksgiving with my mother's cousin and his in-laws. Other years I ended up either doing Thanksgiving myself -- I'll describe the first time in a bit -- or with friends, but still mostly spent it at home for some value of home.

There was one year I was on a business trip to Sacramento and the switch manager had the team over to his house (we ate in the kitchen while his family ate in the dining room, so we weren't too much of an imposition.

Ten years ago, the last time I lived in San Diego, I ended up having dinner at the friend of a friend and then drove to Loscon.

Since getting married, things have been a bit more varied. Most years we've gathered with 's family in Rockford, but not always on Thursday. Before her mom retired, she would often work on Thursday and the family gathering would be some other day. So Thursday hasn't always been the big meal day. Also, sometimes we spent the whole weekend in Rockford and other times only one day if Tara had to work on Friday or Saturday, or I had to be at the church on Sunday.

This year will be quite different. Our plans for the day are to work around the house for a while. We have reservations at Claim Jumper for 2:00, and then have tickets to see Bolt (in digital 3-D) at 5:30. Tomorrow, after Tara gets off work we head to Loscon.

The second, or perhaps third, year on my own, I decided to make myself a Thanksgiving turkey, with all of the side dishes I like (mostly the stuffing and the cranberry sauce). This was when I had a young cat. {Several of you met Creampuff over the years, and will know who I'm talking about} He was a yellow tabby, but his stripes were somewhat spread. So, out of the corner of your eye he looked a golden brown. He was also not adverse to jumping on tables and stealing.

So I'd gotten the turkey cooked, and had set it on the table to rest while I attempted (and IIRC failed) to make gravy. Several times I would see something the right color on the table in the dining room, and would turn to yell... at the turkey sitting unmolested on the table. Creampuff was being well behaved and sitting at my feet hoping for something good, but ignoring the cooling bird. Later in his life, he wouldn't have been so well behaved.

Since this is Thanksgiving, I should give thanks.

I am thankful that I have a wonderful family, and that we are finally legally and permanently a family. I have a good job that looks stable, even if Monday is the first day officially on a new team. Most of my extended family is healthy. Our finances are getting into better shape (but we still need the house in Bartlett sold quickly once it is back on the market after being rented out), and things are going pretty well.

I'm looking forward to having fun this weekend at Loscon, and perhaps meeting some new as well as old friends.

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Date:November 27th, 2008 09:17 pm (UTC)
we are finally legally and permanently a family

That's it, made me sniffle. :)