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Loscon Day 2, 3

Picking up after our meal (between lunch and dinner) yesterday.

After we returned to the hotel, Derrick went to Children's programming where he made something that was either a spaceship, a battle station or half of a moon crashed into something else -- each time someone asked he gave a different answer. robot_grrl and I went to panels. I went to the panel on "What makes a good convention," and as is very common with con running panels at cons, most of the people in the room were experienced in running conventions at at least some level. There was one guy who almost seemed to have some ax to grind with a past Loscon and no convention running experience. As he explained that he'd love to help with Loscon but cannot because he lives in Orange County, he was pretty much shut down when it was pointed out that two people in the room work on conventions across the country, not just in the next county and within the same metro area.

In the evening, Tara and I went to the masquerade. It was good, but not as good as I'd been led to expect from LA/Socal conventions. A couple of the acts seemed to not understand a couple of the key rules of con masquerades: "keep it short," and "don't attempt dialog from the stage unless you have a very good stage voice."

We chose to not stay for the awards and headed to the parties. Since the con suite didn't close until 9:00, when we expected most of the parties to open up, we waited there until just before 9. When we got down the stairs to the party floor, we were greeted by someone offering ice cream in the Presidential suite, and needing help propping open the doors. We attempted to do the old trick with the wash cloths, but it didn't work due to the smooth floor. As we were getting our ice cream we realized that all of the room decorations were posters and displays of works by a certain mid-list SF author turned religion founder, so we didn't stay for long.

We next worked our way to the bid and con parties. We stopped briefly in the San Jose Westercon bid party, but didn't support due to lack of free funds. We then worked our way back to the Fiestacon (next year's Westercon in Tempe) where we purchased memberships. We then spent some time in the Reno party talking with the chair of their bid (whose name escapes me at the moment), without completely admitting that we're supporting Seattle.

Our next stop was the Montreal party where we sat for a while and enjoyed the cheese. I'd spent some time earlier in the day talking to their co-chair and had gotten the Smofish updates about the con I wanted. (She had recognized the question as coming from a Smofish person and gave me information about their facilities situation etc.) So I didn't bother spending much time talking to the con representatives.

We then stopped at the Seattle bid where we told Bobbie briefly about my last trip to Seattle (the Microsoft interview) and why we were supporting their bid (beyond liking Seattle as a city, we have a number of friends who are on their bid committee, or are advisors to their bid).

Then we went to the Baycon party. Even though we explained that between a lack of vacation and DucKon two weeks later that making Baycon would be difficult, we ended up spending a lot of time talking to Mike S (Loscon Fan GoH and Baycon official) about blinkies. He even went to the website on his phone/pda. {drsulak, if you get a large order for Baycon, you can thank or blame us} He seemed genuinely interested in adding a build-a-blinkie item to Baycon's program and figured that he could probably find a few people in the Bay Area to supply soldering irons and blinkie building expertise.

Next, we hit up the Loscon 36 party and bought memberships for next year. Tara goofed slightly by putting all of the names on one sheet, but I'm sure that it will get straightened out OK.

Our final two parties were the Anime LA party (which keeps getting called ALA, a TLA we'll have to be careful with around some of our SLOF friends). We didn't buy memberships since we aren't sure we'll be able to go. Tara's folks will probably be in town the first weekend in January and may or may not be willing to keep Derrick while we head back up to LA.

When the Anime LA party got too crowded (very suddenly) I escaped across the hall to the Califur party where I had a crumpet with marmalade while we talked, explaining that we worked with DucKon and confirming that at least the people in the party understood that DucKon did NOT kick out the furries, but that the furries decided that they'd rather have their own con and started Midwest Furfest.

After that, we retired. I used to be able to party until well after midnight at cons, now if I'm not running the party, I'm often in bed before midnight.

This morning we got up and got out of the room in time to attend fr_john's Mass. I'm sure that this was a bit of an experience for Derrick (who somewhat bonded with Fr. John at dinner on Friday and talked to him each time they met the rest of the weekend) since he's been almost exclusively to non-liturgical services at evangelical churches. Tara did have to explain why we went up and were blessed but didn't take communion.

After that we hit up the dealer's room, where Tara spent more than she might have liked to. We did pick up one print from a dealer who was selling prints for $10.00 a piece our 3 for $25.00 that we will frame or mat and give to DucKon for the charity auction. (Yes, I am more than well aware that DucKon has been getting too many pieces for the charity auction if they all go to voice auction. I hope that we can figure out a person to choose which items go to silent auction and which directly to voice)

We also spent some time talking to the Condor people (to whom I explained why I don't have any fannish capital to spend on Condor at this moment between DucKon and the Chicago in 2012 build -- with Helen walking by at just the right time for me to point out that she, and Dave, would be upset to loose my support for the bid). We also talked to Socal costume group and confirmed that they'd be helpful and interested in the kind of costuming that Tara and I would be interested in doing.

Finally we went the religion in SF panel, which went well and -- as usual -- in a completely different direction than the many other religion in SF panels I've attended.

After that we headed home, stopping at a Marie Calendar's in San Juan Capistrano on the way.

We all had a good time, although it will take a bit of an adjustment to have some of our "local" conventions a 90-120 minute drive away. We are planning on coming back, and may be back in LA for Anime LA and Galifray One (the later is both a money and timing issue since it is two weeks before Condor -- with Capricon in between if we had the money and vacation for Cap this coming year). As I said before, it was great spending time with our friends, old and new, including bumpping into erikvolson, and talking some more with nolly. I'm sure that there are a couple more I've missed.

(Before the next con, I need to get my own supply of LJ user ribbons so that I can arrive with them already filled out. If anyone knows were to get a half dozen or so, let me know)

I'm also more considering putting together a steampunk costume. I think I can pull something off based on my Bald Mountain moccasins (if I can find were they ended up during the move), Tara's old lab coat, the somewhat frilly white shirt I wear under my suede jerkin and some jodhpurs that need to be acquired. I'd need a couple more accessories -- the de'regure goggles at least. Time is tight but it would be nice to have something in time for Condor or Anime LA. Tara also has some ideas which may take more work (or money). We both did see steampunkish coats at one of the dealers that we'd have probably bought if we'd recently won the lottery or were otherwise unconcerned with our spending. But I think we'd have more fun doing stuff we had to work for a bit more.

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