RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

I'm proud of my High School

In this morning's Rio Rancho Journal online, there was an article about the high school I graduated from back in 1984, Cibola High School. According to the article (here, registration may be required) Cibola has elected a student with a high functioning form of Autism as their Homecoming King.

Clearly, this young man has overcome a lot on his own, and the article details how much he has done to reach out and fit in. But, it still takes a lot for High School students to respect and like a fellow student who doesn't easily fit into their accepted mold. Even though I've been gone from the school much longer than I was ever there, and there are few if any common members of the faculty and staff, I am still glad to know that the High School I could go to homecoming at selected such a Homecoming King.


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