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Caid 12th Night - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Jan. 10th, 2009 04:45 pm Caid 12th Night

After moving out to San Diego, I decided that one of the things that would help give us opportunities to meet people with similar interests was to rejoin the SCA. Since joining we haven't done much, but today we went down to Encinitas to the Kindom of Caid's 12th Night event.

{As usual this was held a few days after 12th night, although the one for the Barony of the Western Seas (m.k.a Hawaii), also part of Caid, was last weekend, before 12th night.}

Since I had to give blood this morning, we didn't get a real early start.

We also had to figure out how to at least make an attempt at garb for Derrick. We ended up putting my tabbard (made for me years ago by lonotter) over a long sleeved t-shirt.

After getting ourselves dressed, we left and got to site a bit after noon. Lunch was supposed to be served, and Court was on its lunch break when we arrived. But, the lunch was running on SCA time. So after only a few minutes we left site for a while and went to the Oggi's pizza next door. There were two other groups from the event at Oggi's, so we weren't too out of place, nor too startling for the staff.

As an aside, we may have found a local pizza that we like at Oggi's. Only robot_grrl actually had pizza, but Derrick and I had tastes of her last slice.

After that we returned to the site, looked around the merchant area -- only buying a ring belt for Derrick. The belt helped Derrick not be quite as bothered by the oversize tabbard. Since it is narrower than the ones that lonotter and dracos666 make, it may also be a better fit for his frame.

We didn't stay real late, leaving about 4, but Court had ended and most of the people not staying for feast were packing to leave.

While not the most fun any of us have had recently, I think we enjoyed ourselves for the most part. Derrick would have rather stayed home and rode his skateboard or played on the Wii, so he was a bit grumblely at time.

One thing I noticed about this event in comparison to the ones I've been to before -- some of which may be the difference in the area and some may be the fact that it has been years since I've been to an event -- is that I saw a lot more people wearing large metal bands around their heads. I couldn't identify which ones were which, but there were more their than I could explain with the King and Queen, the Crown Prince and Princess and the various Barons. I know that Dukes and maybe Counts (and their consorts) can also wear crowns of some sort, but most of them didn't match the information I had on a Duke's crown.

A couple of times I thought I saw someone I knew, only to realize that it was just someone who looked similar and was wearing similar garb.

At least once we find more comfortable garb for Derrick, and perhaps something else that robot_grrl can wear comfortably since her common dress has faded in places, we will probably try to go to some other events around here. Since Caid is a bit smaller than the Middle Kingdom (even after it has shrunk a couple of times since I was regularly at events) it may be a bit easier to get to some of them. But there are still plenty of events that are 4 or 5 hours from home that we probably won't be able to easily get to.

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Date:January 11th, 2009 01:24 am (UTC)
Yes, a lot more people in Caid wear circlets, and what is allowed on the circlets is quite different from the MidRealm. It's one of those InterKingdom Anthropology things that can really throw you off. (Especially at Pennsic.)