RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Golden Compas Daemon Test

After watching robot_grrl do it, I decided to try the Golden Compass Daemon test.

Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...

Regal Soul

You love to be around people. Without them, you would wilt and fade away. Too much time alone leave you feeling listless and sad, but a good night out with your buddies puts the spring back into your step. You make friends easily, because you know how to adjust your behaviour for each person. With a rowdy, loud, social type of person you can be rowdy, and loud, and social. With a timid and mousy person you can be quiet and sensitive. While you have many friends and many faces, you have an inner circle of friends and family with whom you can truly be yourself.

You are a natural leader. You tend to be calm and rational, and it is rare that you get angry or upset. Often, when someone accidentally hurts your feelings, you will smile and pretend not to be bothered by it, because you want to project a positive, self confident image. You pick your battles. When someone does cross the line, they are often surprised at the sudden strength of your defensive attack. On the rare occasion that someone evokes anger or tears from you, it seems to them that this storm burst from clear blue skies.

Your daemon would represent your social, outgoing nature, your adaptable presence, and your tendency to hide your sensitive spots from strangers. He or she would help you mold yourself to every variety of social situation, being calm or playful or frightening as each situation demanded. When alone together, he or she would be someone whom you could share your real feelings with.

Suggested Forms: Lion, Orca, Chimpanzee, African Elephant, Goldfinch.

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