RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Tentitive, Preliminary, Summer Plans

robot_grrl and I are starting to firm up the family's summer plans. We have done nothing yet to commit ourselves (such as buying airline tickets), but will probably do so fairly soon (once we are sure we know how to pay for this and some other arrangements are finalized).

We are planing to fly Tara's mother out to Oceanside in June so that she can stay will Derrick for a week or so at the end of his school. This will allow both of us to fly to Chicago for DucKon. Alas, due largely to the amount of vacation I have, we'll probably only be in Chicago from sometime Wednesday or Thursday leaving the following Monday. I'd have loved to spend a whole week, and will try to in the future.

After we return, and Derrick's school is done, he will fly back to Chicago with his grandmother and will spend a good chunk of the summer in Rockford.

While we are left childless for a couple of months, we will do a few things almost locally. In early July we drive to Tempe and attend Westercon. Again because of my vacation, we may not get there quite at the beginning. I'll have to double check my holidays to see which days I'm off. We'll also probably have to leave earlier on Sunday than I'd really like so that I can go back to work on Monday.

Then, later in July, we will attend our first San Diego Comic Con. I'm not planning on taking Thursday or Friday off, and we won't be getting a hotel down there -- unless we hear that it would be absolutely necessary to fully enjoy ourselves. I'll probably go down after work, and meet Tara who will head down earlier. I'll have to take the train, but I've already checked out how that route works.

Finally, in August we'll fly to Montreal. We will have to make sure that our trip out, at least, has a layover in Chicago that is long enough so that one of us can go back through security and pick up Derrick to bring him to meet with us.

This looks to be a fairly busy summer. Of course next summer will be just about as busy. Of course since we'll be going to Australia, we'll probably skip Westercon. On the other hand, we may be hitting up a few other cons to support the Chicago in 2012 bid.


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