RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Roleplaying Humor

Today there were a couple of posts on the Christian Gamers Guild e-mail list giving examples of "you must be a gamer if..." type humorous observations. While I won't quote them, I will paraphrase them, and add my own observations:

The first one dealt with hearing the name of a location in a gaming world in an unrelated context, and the second dealt with knowing more about the history of the gaming world than the real world. Both of these are not exclusive to RPG players. Avid fans of games, as well as dramatic stories or series can fall into these traps.

A second poster brought up a couple I've been guilty of. First is the tendency to think of real world problems in gaming terms. The second is similar and is using D&D alignments to discuss characters in other media.

I've been guilty of the first on a few occasions, even recently when I haven't played any RPGs for too many years. I've also looked at characters in TV shows and movies and observed how their actions would be seen in light of the mechanics of various games. I distinctly remember doing this at some point in high school or college, probably during a 007 game, when a couple of us were away from the main gaming session due to being "off stage," we were observing a TV show (Remington Steel IIRC) that other members of the host's family were watching and kept making comments about the actions in terms of the game we were playing ("He just used a Hero Point" or "That was clearly a critical failure").

I've also been known to use the mapping of characters from other media to D&D alignments, but largely as a way to clarify my perception of the alignment rather than to clarify the character in anyway.

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