RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Worldcon Political Thought

With the folding of the Seattle 2011 Worldcon bid, I have seen the inevitable discussion as to whether this would have happened had two business meetings not decided to go to a two year advance selection from a three year advance selection for the site. In this discussion, I fear lost in the heat and noise, has been the point that there has only been one Worldcon held that was selected two years in advance in the last 20+mumble years, and two more seated.

This has me wondering -- and as I'm very new to the inner political workings involved, having only actually made it business meetings at Denvention -- if it might not be a good idea to add wording to the appropriate article of the WSFS constitution (or the standing rules, if that would be the correct place) stating that no changes to the sight selection time can be made until at least 5, or some other good number, Worldcons have been held at the given site selection time. This would give the change some time to be considered and the impacts really observed. As it stands now we run the risk of trying to tweak this every few years when some bid runs into trouble that someone, probably unrelated to the bid, perceives as being caused by the last change.
Tags: smof politics

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