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Modeling Replacements - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Feb. 8th, 2009 01:08 pm Modeling Replacements

For the second time in a little over 10 years, I've found myself thinking of someone in one church I'm familiar with would be a good model of someone in another church I'm familiar with. In both cases, however, I haven't really wanted the specific person, just someone like them.

Back in 1998, while I was attending the Rancho Bernado Community Presbyterian Church, I thought that one of the Associate Pastors would be my ideal model for the replacement Senior Pastor at the Presbyterian Church of Palatine that I'd been a member of before leaving Illinois, and would be again sooner than I realized at the time. This pastor was fairly young, but had experience with all generations at the church. He was also a good speaker, a good minister, exhibited solid theological training -- having just received his doctorate -- and his theology was a pretty good fit for the Palatine church.

However, I didn't want to loose him as a pastor and teacher at the church I was attending. So I lifted him up as my model of who should be called. {As it turned out, after more than 4 years without a permanent Senior Pastor the Palatine church called someone who was not what I would have wanted, and apparently had to go through the process unexpectedly not too long afterwards. As I'd again left the church after moving to Wheaton and Wheaton Bible Church before this happened, I'm not entirely sure of the details}.

Now, I'm in kind of the reverse position. New Venture Christian Fellowship has recently become in need of a permanent Worship Pastor, or equivalent. Again, I find myself thinking that the ideal model would be someone I know from another church. In this case, I think that the Worship Pastor at Wheaton Bible Church would be a good model. But, again, I do not want that specific individual, as much as I wouldn't mind working with him again. So, again I'll have to lift that model up in my prayers as who I'd like to see in the role.

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