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Ultrasound Results (preliminary) - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Feb. 14th, 2009 04:13 pm Ultrasound Results (preliminary)

On Monday, largely due to needing to get new prescriptions for some maintenance drugs, I went to a new doctor here in Oceanside (my previous doctor being inconveniently in Bartlett). During the physical exam, possibly prompted in part by my mention that I get easily chilled these days, he felt my thyroid glands, and noticed that the one on the right didn't feel right. So, he ordered an ultrasound.

I managed to get it scheduled for this afternoon. The procedure was fairly quick and as expected painless. However, the technician, and to some extent I, could see that there was something larger about the right side. The technician expects that the doctor will probably want to get a biopsy. (robot_grrl guesses that it will probably be a "fine needle aspirate" biopsy, and from the technician's description and her past explanation of the term, makes me think she is right).


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