RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Geographic/Cultural Musing

While skimming a discussion on the SMOFs list about DeepSouthCon and the possibility of a Worldcon in the South -- which included Miami on the list of potential host cities, I recalled a thought and observation either I made myself (not based on personal experience) or heard someplace:

"As one goes south in Florida from the panhandle, they find the culture rapidly moving back north."

Knowing that the recent history of Florida has a lot of the emigration into the peninsular parts of the state during the last 150 or so years has come largely from the northeastern US -- mostly New York and New England. At first these were rich winter tourists, then a mix of snowbird and permanent retirees, and then people who chose to pursue warmer weather year round, as well as jobs in the Space, entertainment and less savory industries.

Of course, especially in Miami, there was also a lot of migration from Cuba and possibly other islands. This would have also influenced the culture.

Given that, as I said, I have little personal experience (two visits to the Orlando area in each of the two previous years, and probably no more for several years), I could be completely wrong.

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