RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

It was a weekend

This wasn't a bad weekend. It felt surprisingly busy for an idle weekend. It definitely was interesting and not bad.

The weekend started on Friday when I realized that I was still at my desk about 15 minutes after I had intended to leave. Fortunately, I was not planing on catching the train -- and very fortunately this wasn't next Friday when I need to catch the Southbound train about 40 minutes earlier than normal to get to ConDor. So, with the traffic that much heavier, I headed out.

Before I got halfway to the mailbox (the reason I still drive a couple of days most weeks), robot_grrl called. We quickly decided that she needed to go ahead and feed the kid, and eat light. On the other hand, I had been almost too light all day and needed a decent dinner. Soup wasn't going to cut it. So I was left with a late start and the need to get food on the way home.

After getting the mail, I initially started up I-5, but quickly determined that traffic was very backed up. I did, however, manage to escape at an early exit and head over to the Pacific Coast Highway. Unfortunately, it too was backed up in a couple of places in Del Mar and Solana Beach. So, it was getting later than I had wanted when I hit Encinitias. I decided that maybe I should try Angelo's, a local chain of hamburger stands. But after realizing that I couldn't park at the one in Encinitias the way I turned in, I managed to get back on the PCH. However, I soon found one of the three in Oceanside and went in.

I ordered a Chicken Burrito, which came fairly quickly. While waiting I picked up their menu and discovered that the chain was more local than I had thought. Three of the four location are in Oceanside, and all four are directly on the Pacific Coast Highway! The Burrito was good too.

On Saturday, I had a 9:00 Karate class. This week the Saturday classes were being held in a park. The instructors took advantage by having us start by running, which I don't do well. But the rest of the class was pretty good. This school, Champion Eyes Karate, makes more use of the Bo than National Karate, and starts it much earlier. They also switch hands on the Bo, which I was taught never to do at National Karate. So, I'm having a bit more trouble with the Bo work than the other stuff. But, I think I'll stick with this school.

After class, and cleaning up, we discussed getting some lunch somewhere. Finally I suggested that we try the historic 101 Cafe. Other than having to find their ATM (I mistakenly thought that the waitress had pointed around the restaurant) I enjoyed my lunch of a green chili omelet. robot_grrl wasn't as happy with her hamburger -- it was very thin and came covered with thousand island dressing, and like many people from the eastern part of the country, she doesn't think that mayonnaise or mayonnaise based sauces belong on hamburgers. After lunch we wondered around a vintage clothing shop across the parking lot from the 101 Cafe and then hit up Trader Joe's.

Both Saturday evening and this morning, I worked graphics at the church. This was complicated as a second time by the fact that the guest worship leader did no songs I knew -- they were all her songs -- and managed to do three different sets of songs between the three services.

Sometime yesterday, the cat threw up on my computer keyboard. After determining that it was not cleaning up, and the icky stuff was between keys, I decided that I needed a new keyboard. This wasn't as simple as I'd hoped. When I went to Buy More Best Buy, they didn't have any that were ps/2 keyboards, nor any stand alone adapters. So this afternoon I had to brave Fry's.

Needless to say, I didn't get off as unscathed as I would have liked. They had external USB Terrabytes for under (barely) $100.00, and one of them joined the keyboard on the trip home. Alas, I discovered that it won't easily connect to my network storage unit which runs some flavor of Linux so cannot access NTFS formatted drives. So instead of adding it to the pool available to the whole network, I just have a better sized backup unit for my windows machine -- and I can probably move it to my laptop and back it up there as well.

One other problem developed about 4:00 this morning. After returning from the bathroom I did something weird and managed to break my CPAP mask. I've been needing to get a new one, but my old provider is in Illinois, and not covered by my new insurance. So I've got to track down who the insurance covered provider is, get the prescription transferred and a new mask ordered. I just hope that I can get the same one since I like it better than any of the others I've used.

As I said, "it was a weekend." Next weekend in ConDor, so it will at least be different.

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