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ConDor Report

This weekend, I went to my third ConDor, and the first in 10 years. We all had a decent time.

On Friday, I had to work a full day since I don't yet have the vacation to take off on Friday before a convention. However, since robot_grrl could take the day off, she was able to do a lot of the preparations, including taking Derrick to school. So I was able to catch an earlier train, which let me leave early enough to catch a reasonable southbound train.

So, I left work -- about half an hour earlier than normal, and a while before I would have without a train to catch -- and took the Coaster south to Old Town. From there, I got a trolley to the Fashion Valley Transit center. robot_grrl and Derrick, met me in the mall food court once they got checked into the hotel. As it turned out, I was able to play "tower controller" and get them onto the right driveway and the closest parking garage since I could see the road from where I was waiting. We ended up eating dinner at Boudin Bakery.

After dinner, I got my stuff into the hotel and reduced the number of D&D books in my bag to the ones I might need that evening.

When I packed, I got a bit silly, and put not only the 4th edition books into my back pack, but also the PH and DMG from the other D&D editions that were having games (1st and 3.5) and the PH from 2nd edition just for the heck of it. However, all of those books were too heavy to carry around, so most of them stayed in the room most of the weekend.

We then got our badges, stopped by the con suite for a while. robot_grrl and Derrick stayed for the Guest of Honor reception, while I went up to the gaming room for my D&D session. As I wrote up on Friday, this was interesting not in the least because the other players in the game weren't born the last time I played -- at least not regularly.

After the game, I went back to the room, wrote up my report on the game and turned in.

On Saturday we got up and moving, and stopped by the con suite before I headed off to my first panel: "The portrayal of Fandom in the media." The panel went pretty well, even though one of the other panelists was a bit overpowering. I was out of it for a while when the panel was focusing more news reporting than in non genre stories, where I was more prepared to speak, but I was able to contribute in the end.

After the panel, we spent some time in the dealers' room, and then went back to Fashion Valley for lunch. We spent some time looking around, talking to people in the fan area and con suite, and messing around in the gaming area before my other panel on "Don't touch that button: the role of stupidity in genre fiction." Again the panel went very well. After the panel, robot_grrl had her first panel, one of her steampunk panels. I didn't attend and kept Derrick busy.

Later we put Derrick to bed, and went to the masquerade. It was very good, even though it only had a few entries -- many of which we learned later were the results of the director recruiting people in hall costumes. Afterwords we hit up the two parties -- LosCon and hazelchaz's party, then turned in.

Sunday we got up earlier than we might in some ways, but at a good time. We were able to get fed, packed and out of the room before robot_grrl had her second panel. Since this was the Battle Star Galactica panel, I skipped this one as well. While she was on the panel, I sat in the game area and fiddled with 1st edition -- I generated a character and reviewed some stuff. Unfortunately when it was time for the possible game, I realized that we needed lunch. We returned to the mall one more time for lunch and then back to the con. At 2, robot_grrl and I went to a panel on Steam Punk accessories, and left Derrick with the instructions to stay either in the con suite or the dealers' room, which had a large lounge in the center. Unsaid was the expectation that he would stay in that large lounge area.

After another good panel, I decided to skip robot_grrl's final panel {I feel a bit guilty, she was at both of my panels and I skipped all of her panels}.

Instead I went to check on Derrick, and didn't find him. After 15 minutes of growing anxiety while searching the entire con (including a glance into the pool) I ran into him going to the bathroom. It turns out that he and a new friend had found an alcove in the back of the dealers' room and decided that sitting in there was still where they could be. Needless to say, I was very unhappy and Derrick is without TV or skateboard privileges for the next week. The fact that this nearly mirrors the incident at Anime Central a couple of years, didn't help the situation. I didn't realize how panicked I was until I noticed that I was pushing towards a sugar crash.

After robot_grrl's panel, we spent some time in the feedback session and headed for home.

We had a good time, and have our memberships for next year. I am very seriously considering writing to both the ConDor head, and if I can find them, someone in charge of Conjecture, and let them know that I'm available to help out given that I have a few constraints on my time (DucKon, Chicago in 2012, real life, etc.). I also feel that we are starting to find our way in San Diego/Southern California fandom. We made some contacts with people such as Com Stations Z -- who are meeting on Saturday practically around the corner from us at Killer Pizza from Mars, but when we'll be at the Circus. I'm sure as we go along we'll start to make more local friends.


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