RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Poor Choice of Ads

A while ago, I looked at an article, online, from the Sydney Morning Herald. The article was on findings as to the cause of a Quatas airplane twice entering into a sudden nose dive, resulting in several injuries. However, one of the banner ads was an ad for Quantas Airlines. Not the best place for their ad.

Of course it could be worse. My parents remember watching the news years ago. Just after airing a story about a very nasty burglary/murder at an Oklahoma City steak house (Golden Stockade, IIRC), an ad was aired for that very chain.

In the former case, the random ad server was supplying travel and Australian ads and had no human involvement beyond coding the content to try to match it to the page being viewed. In the latter case, someone in the control room should have realized that that ad should not have gone out for at least an ad break or two and put something else in its place.

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