RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

I may need a new water glass

The 44oz plastic glass I've been using for several years as a water glass at work may soon need to go to the recycling bin. It has a crack in the rim (the result if it being in my hand during a very frustrating conference call with a frustrating coworker at my previous employer), and the crack is growing downward. The cup isn't all that new, it was a gift from my former employer when they were sponsoring the Western Open, probably close to a decade back.

The problem is that I haven't been able to find any reusable 44oz cheap plastic glasses anymore. Most fast food places are either using paper, or the plastic glasses with the thin sides and rolled rim which I won't reuse (gross stuff gets caught in the rim, plus they don't last at all). I haven't even see the 32oz variety recently.

So, I may have to either buy a glass, or go back to using the 16oz coffee mug and making more water trips each day.

Of course it is possible that 44oz plastic cups are readily available in Las Vegas (I scored on there once, but used it for water not coins) or other similar locations. But I'm not likely to wonder into any of those anytime soon.

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