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I don't think I'm the one with a problem

Yesterday, someone posted a mostly very good list of behavior suggestions to con_central. However, they chose to use a profanity in their posting. This prompted me to make a, somewhat directed, suggestion that people should try to not use profanity.

While I do not regret my feelings in the nature, I'm beginning to regret making the comment, because I've been getting, for lack of a better term, flamed over it. Apparently, there are a bunch of people who feel that it is perfectly acceptable to use profanity whenever and wherever they please, and I shouldn't object to hearing it, or having my child hear it.

One even went to the extent of saying I should bring my son to a con unless it is specifically advertised as "child friendly" and that it wasn't fair that I (implied) require that the world be "G Rated."

Another poster claimed that profanity wasn't in the class of the other things discussed. Yet one of item addressed was the use of racist language. I find profanity and racist language basically equivalent. Both are using words carelessly without thought or feeling about how others might take it.

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