RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Logistical Error

{Or perhaps its a tactical error or a strategic error -- I'm not quite sure which category this falls into}

On Tuesday nights, Rubio's has $1.25 fish tacos(*). Since robot_grrl is on the midnight shift this week, and had accompanied me to my biopsy(+) at 11:00 -- which didn't actually happen until almost 1:00 -- and because I had the aforementioned biopsy and so was home instead of at work, I took Derrick to Rubio's for dinner.

While Derrick looked at the fish, after telling me he wanted two fish tacos and chips, I looked over the menu and ordered 4 fish tacos, a LARGE order of chips and a LARGE order of black beans. In retrospect, I should have ordered small sides, or at least small beans. I ended up with 1.5 to 2 cups of beans, and a good sized plate of chips. I ended up eating a lot more of the chips than I'd expected, as well as all of the beans.

Thinking back over the event, I should have been clued in by the $0.50 versus $1.50 prices for the sides, and realized that the $0.50 sides were the size that is normally included in the combos. Well, we'll remember next time we have a chance for Rubio's on Tuesdays.

(+) I think I've mentioned that I needed a biopsy on my thyroid. The worst part of this was waiting for the hospital to get around to me. With an 11:00 appointment, it was nearly noon before I left the radiology waiting room, and at least another 20 minutes before the doctor showed up. Once he got started, he fairly quickly determined only to biopsy the node on the right, numbed it up and took a couple of samples. A cytology tech that robot_grrl knows from working at the hospital then took the samples. It is very likely that Tara will have them to work with when she gets in tonight.

(*) Many of you not from, or at least familiar with the cuisine of, may hear "fish taco" and get both the wrong impression and be really turned off by the idea -- I almost was 11 years ago myself. A fish taco is battered white fish (of some sort), with cabbage and a mild, creamy sauce in a soft corn tortilla. They are really yummy, and Rubio's is at least the best chain for them (IMHO). (The story is that Ralph Rubio brought the fish taco to San Diego, but there are an awful lot of small places that make fish tacos as well, so I'm not 100% sure. At any rate, they do come from Baja California originally)


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